Louisa Sugden Content Creator Stylist

Hi, I’m Louisa

I am a social media content creator, stylist, blogger, and columnist with a keen interest in interiors, food, and slow living. A move to Norfolk in 2015 resulted in a career change from project manager to freelance stylist and content creator. Embracing and celebrating a slower pace of life in Norfolk has undoubtedly enhanced my creativity. Every fresh creative project allows me to highlight my recognisable style and creative flair. 

I live in Norfolk with my husband, Mark and my two teenage daughters. Oh, and there’s Maple, my Romanian rescue dog too. Social media content creation, styling, blogging and DIT cottage renovation is how I spend most of my working days. After 7 years of slow DIY renovating the cottage is beginning to take shape. It’s a labour of love with grand plans on a tight budget. Nearing the end of hard manual labour means the project is getting to the exciting part, interior styling, and decorating. Let the fun begin. 

Social media has introduced me to a network of creative, likeminded people. How incredible to be on career path which I feel passionate about. Content creation, styling and writing allows me to indulge in my creative passions daily and to highlight my elegantly knackered style. 

Social Media Content Creation

Social media content creation work mostly evolves around Starre Corner, my Norfolk cottage. At Starre Corner there is a plethora of styling props to hand and it offers the perfect location for a rustic, elegantly knackered style.  


My styling work leads me in various directions – product styling, holiday cottage interior and lifestyle styling, interior and lifestyle editorial styling. I enjoy raising to the challenge of a creative brief and enjoy working with likeminded clients and individuals.  

If you would like to work with me, please do get in touch.  I look forward to hearing from you.