Fava Fries Recipe

My Favourite Quick and Easy Gluten-free Lunch Recipe

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Fava fries recipe

Fava fries recipe. Fava fries are currently my favourite quick and easy gluten-free lunch recipe. It’s such a quick and simple recipe to make, even on the busiest of days.

This recipe was inspired by one of my favourite artisan bakers, in Norfolk. Sidings Yard is a short drive away from my local town. Often, after a visit to my local antiques and vintage market I make my way to Sidings with my eldest daughter. I pick up sourdough loaf for the weekend and treat us to lunch. It’s a little, nearing the end of the working week treat, and ritual.

Every week I predictably order the same; green tea, fava bean panisse with garlic mayonnaise (or as I call them fava fries), plus a mixed salad. It may sound dull having this on repeat but that is testament to just how good they are.

Fava fries recipe

Panisse are traditionally a French dish, usually made with chickpeas. They are creamy, crispy chickpeas chips and make a healthy low carb alternative to chips or fries. I did experiment with chickpeas, but I much prefer the use of fava beans. The have a very subtle flavour. Fava beans are also known as broad beans.

One of the things that I love about this fava fries recipe is how quick and easy it is to make. I serve them with homemade garlic mayonnaise but could also be served with tomato ketchup or any other dip which takes your fancy.

Fava bean fries recipe
Fava Fries Recipe (serves 4)


100g Fava bean flour

1.5 tablespoon vegetable oil

500ml boiling hot water

Salt, to taste

Pepper, to taste

Fava Fries Method
  1. Mix fava bean flour and a generous portion of salt and pepper in a saucepan. Good seasoning is vital.
  2. Pour boiling water into the saucepan and whisk together. I use a Danish dough whisk.
  3. Put onto the hob and keep stirring with a Danish dough whisk or wooden spoon until the mixture starts to have an elastic texture. As soon as the mixture starts to change in texture, take it off the hob and stir off the heat for about a minute
  4. Pour into a small baking tray and leave to set. It should only take about 30 minutes.
  5. Once set cut into 1cm slices, so that they resemble a chip.
  6. Keep in an air-tight container in the fridge.
  7. To cook either shallow fry or bake in oven. They are cooked when they are slightly firm on the outside but soft in the centre. In my range cooker I bake the fava fries on the base of my main over for about 20 minutes.

My top tip. Make the fava fries in the morning, at the start of the day. This way, they will be ready a waiting at lunch time.

How to serve fava fries

My favourite way to way to eat Fava fries are with a homemade garlic mayonnaise dip (simply mix a teaspoon of lazy garlic into a small bowl of mayonnaise.

Alternatively, tomato ketchup would make a great tip or try serving as a side, instead of French fries/chips. They are delicious with salt and vinegar.


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